BA 2018. Major Gains – No Pains

What's in the BA?

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Better Wages

IATSE members will see a $750 million wage increase total throughout the course of the basic agreement, meaning more money in your pocket

Better Benefits

The Basic Agreement secures $153 million more in health benefits. At a time when health care across the nation is under assault, this plan will dramatically increase employer contributions to our health

Better Working Conditions

This new plan mandates significant improvements in working conditions, including rest periods and new media working conditions.


The BA on Wages
  • $750 Million in new money directly to workers over 3 years (2018-2021)​

  • 3% wage increase each year

The BA on Benefits
  • Increases in contributions to the Motion Picture Industry Health and Pension Plans (MPIPHP)

    • $153 Million in total new money going to the MPIPHP over 3 years

    • Approx. $62M in new money from Major Studios and $90M in new money from companies that currently don’t pay residuals (Netflix, Amazon, etc.)

  • Retains 10% pension increase negotiated in 2015

  • Benefit contributions increased to 12 hours per day for each 6th and 7th day worked for On-Call employees, a net gain of 9 extra hours of benefits a week

  • No increase in costs for members

    • Burden and costs of funding the health and pension plans remain with big studios, not the small businesses

  • 13th/14th checks for eligible pre-2009 retirees.

The BA on
Working Conditions
  • Rest, Rides, Rooms

    • Increases rest period to 10 hours for hourly and weekly, on and off production crews

    • Increases rest period to 9 hours for hourly and weekly Post Production crews

    • NO changes to existing rest period violation penalties

    • Guarantees rides or rooms after 14 worked hours​​​, and after 12 hours worked in the secondary zone

  • Better New Media

    • Creates ​new mid-tier SVOD level with specific terms and conditions that previously were up to individual negotiations

    • Full Basic Agreement applies to streaming features with budgets over $30 Million

    • Eliminates the New Media Roster​​

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Total Wage Increase

$750 M 

In New Wages

$153 M

More in Health Benefits


Pension Increase Protected